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DVD Boxed Sets of Fantasy, Horror and um, Lynch

Doctor Who Series 3 DVD
Tales From the Crypt: The Complete Seventh Season DVD cover art
Twin Peaks: Definitive Gold Box Edition DVD cover art

While we’re talking more television DVD, let’s start right out of the gate with a set that is making lots of fans on this side of the pond happy: Doctor Who. Yes, the third series from BBC Home Video. And it’s not only making people happy because David Tennant seems to be pleasing the faithful as the latest Doctor, but also because the set is stacked, folks. Fourteen episodes are here across five discs, with a sixth disc dedicated to behind the scenes footage from every episode. And speaking of every episode, they all come with a commentary track–taking part are Tennant, Russell T Davies, Freema Agyeman, John Barrowman and loads of others. There’s more, as though that wasn’t enough to keep you watching for hours, including but not limited to a studio tour with Agyeman, video diary with Tennant, outtakes and deleted scenes. If you’re a fan or know someone who is, then this is a gift for yourself or for them. Or both. Presuming you um, live near one another.

Did you know Bob Hoskins directed an episode of Tales From the Crypt? I didn’t know that either, but sure enough you tear open this set from Warner Brothers of the seventh (and final) season of the show, and Hoskins helms and stars in the first episode contained therein. Natasha Richardson’s in there as well. Also along for the ride in this season are Julie Cox, Roy Dotrice, Elizabeth McGovern, writer-director Brian Helgeland, director Russell Mulcahy, a scary-young Ewan McGregor, Jane Horrocks, Steve Coogan, Julia Sawalha, Ute Lemper, pretty damn young Daniel Craig, Eddie Izzard and Ciaran Hinds. That’s thirteen episodes across three discs with scads of great actors having a rip-roaring EC-induced time. I enjoyed the hell out of genre anthology shows like this–and I miss em. Anyway, while you don’t exactly get a plethora of features, there is a virtual comic book included.

Well, it’s taken a damn long time, but finally, Twin Peaks is out–all of it–in a single boxed set. If I remember correctly, the pilot wasn’t included on previous editions of the first season, then everything was out of print and whatever. Regardless. Paramount has brought everything back together with all twenty-nine episodes and the pilot. This all across ten discs, so it’s a massive set. You get: both the international and U.S.-domestic versions of the pilot episode; deleted scenes; a retrospective with David Lynch, Kyle MacLachlan, and others; a new docu that clocks in at over ninety minutes; a featurette about the 2006 “Twin Peaks Festival”; the Saturday Night Live Twin Peaks bit; all the intros by the Log Lady; Japanese commercials with characters from the show; and a crapload more. Considering Lynch has approved of the new remastered video and audio, then this is pretty much what every fan of the show has been crying out for.