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Threadless Bingo!

Threadless Bingo

It’s no secret that we dig Threadless around here. And we’re not alone. Seems like it’s hard to go out anywhere amongst people and not run into somebody wearing a Threadless tee. And it’s cool. Because they dig it when you say, “Nice t-shirt.” Because they know that you know.

Greg over at Fantastic Blognanza came up with the concept of Threadless Bingo: sort of like bingo but instead of… never mind, what’s to explain? It’s Bingo.

Anyway, the point is this: now you too can play Threadless Bingo thanks to his handy dandy Threadless Bingo Card Generator that slaps together a bunch of t-shirt images on demand. Nifty.

Update: Alas, Fantastic Blognanza appears to have gone the way of all flesh.

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