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This Just In: Tiny Balls

Balls of Fury DVD cover art

Our pick this week for sickest release is the inevitable Balls of Fury, because when Mortal Kombat meets ping-pong, then everyone wins. While it didn’t exactly set the box office charts on fire (or the hearts of many critics, but what do they know–and yes, I’m speaking as one of them), it didn’t, you know, really scream “See me on the big screen!” Although come to think of it, a 300 parody trailer for this film might have rocked. Anyway. Dan Fogler plays a once prodigy table tennis champeen who gets recruited by the FBI to help them take down the evil Feng, played with relish (and mustard) by Christopher Walken. Feng hosts an extreme underground ping pong tournament where if you lose, you lose more than your pride. You get terminated with extreme prejudice.

DVD is the perfect place to catch this flick–and audiences will probably agree. It’s out from Universal with deleted scenes, an alternate ending, a making-of bit, and more. It ain’t classic comedy, but it’s definitely worth a rental.

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