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Voltron, Defender of Your Arches

Voltron: The Shoes

You’ll forgive me if I’m a bit gabberflasted by this: Voltron shoes. And not just Voltron shoes like those cartoon-themed shoes you’d wear back in the 80s, these are full-on shoes with $80 to $135 price tags and such. And if there was any doubt the aging-geeks-with-money demographic wasn’t being targeted here, they each come with an action figure that, when you buy all five pairs of shoes, you can make into a Voltron. For the full pic, click here.

Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the milkman…I was stunned enough by the cheesy Voltron camera, but this takes the cake. Can we at least get some Prince Lotor shoes or something, just for some balance? Those can be the cheap $15 flip flops. But come on, something.

And is anybody not thinking of this? Didn’t think so.

Found via Uncrate.

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