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13 Days of Xmas: The Big Day

So here’s a dilemma: we’ve been trying (somewhat) to go along with the same principles that were the foundation of 32 Days of Halloween. It’s a bit hard, because whereas even the bad horror is somewhat amusing, bad Christmas stuff is just maddening.

Here’s a case in point: A Celtic Woman Christmas.

Team Celtic Woman!

Now before I get a lot of pissed off comments, I don’t mean to say that these aren’t talented ladies and they can’t sing and play their hearts out. They can. It’s not my cup of tea, but if you like it, then I’m glad it cranks your tractor. But as I was watching them do their thing (not my house, not my television) today, I couldn’t help but think: there’s five of them, but it’s Celtic Woman. So here we’ve got five individuals who are color-coded and when they come together they form a single unit of great power…

What I’m telling you is that Celtic Woman is essentially the Irish musical equivalent of Voltron.

Anyway, what was my point? Oh yes. Since we went all over the map with good and bad for Halloween, we stuck with the good for Christmas, so I guess I’m just glad we only have 13 days. And here’s the biggest problem: if we follow the 32 Days model, then what’s the holiday equivalent of Night of the Living Dead?

Hard to say.

If we went with a music video, it would have to be Bing meets Bowie.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Or should we go completely old school, with The Night Before Christmas–the silent version from 1905?

Direct link for the feedreaders.

No, there’s plenty of films that really summed up Christmas for a lot of the folks I grew up with. And while Jimmy Stewart is nice and even Ralphie is pure gold, I think it would have to be this:

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Merry Xmas, you bunch of weasels. Flying Spaghetti Monster bless us, everyone.

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