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Monkey Tea, Monkey Do

Monkey drinking tea

Here at Needcoffee, we do not make any judgments on anyone else’s caffeine delivery system. Widge’s is primarily coffee while I drink a lot of Diet Coke. Of course we are on the lookout for new and novel ways to get that miracle molecule into our bodies. Well, Thinkgeek is now selling tea. Tea, you say, that’s been around for centuries. Ah, but this tea has been hand picked (or paw picked) by monkeys.

Yes, this oolong tea is picked by monkeys trained by Chinese monks, so you know its chock full of fu. Of course, the package called it antioxidants but we know the truth. I would suggest picking up some now because Dindrane is talking about sending agents of the Glorious Revolution to help the monkeys form a union.

And once she’s worked them into a labor union, she’ll probably start with these guys.

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