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DVD Headsup: Koch in January

Klimt DVD cover art
The Kingdom Series 2 DVD cover art

Two DVDs to chat about here: first up, we’ve got Needcoffee fave John Malkovich playing painter Gustav Klimt. And you know Klimt, even if you don’t know you know Klimt. Raúl Ruiz directs, and along with Malkovich you’ve got Saffron Burrows and Veronica Ferres playing his loves. Now, all is not balm in Gilead, since we have an edited version that leaves off a lot of necessary context (if reviews of the extended cut are to be believed). And I think the film suffers because it’s a bit disjointed and I feel like I’m missing a lot here–since there’s a half-hour missing. Still, fans of the artist will want to give it a rental, and Malkovich completists as well. Comes with a making-of featurette. (Click here to buy it from Amazon.)

Also, there’s Lars Von Trier with The Kingdom: Series 2. Now, to explain for those who don’t know–Kingdom was the basis for Kingdom Hospital, which aired as a miniseries in the states, with Stephen King backing it up. It would have gone for a second series, but King doesn’t have a good track record with television, sadly (Golden Years, anyone? I weep.) Anyway, here you’ve got the next round of four episodes here, with a documentary, audio commentary and more. Fans of the show will want to snag this, because apparently we’ve lost a lot of the cast since this aired, and a third series (though planned), will probably never happen. (Click here to buy it from Amazon.