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To Infinity… And In Your Face!

Toy Story 3-D

Disney is reworking both Toy Story and Toy Story 2 into 3-D. You can expect the 3-D Toy Story to hit October 2, 2009, the 3-D Toy Story 2 to hit February 12, 2010 and then the brand spanking new inherently 3-D Toy Story 3. Now, the first thing you might recall is that back when Disney was going to do Toy Story 3 without Pixar (before their Vulcan mind meld–or, if not a Vulcan mind meld, then some strange version of this–right down to the opening line, “It seemed like a good idea at the time”) they were going to do it 3-D then too.

The obvious question you might ask me is, “Widge, am I pleased or frightened?”

And my answer is: hellifiknow. First up, Disney has this hideous track record of recent years and we’re all extremely gun shy thanks to amount of crap they’ve released. I was afraid they would overpower Pixar with their suck factor.

But hey, I dug Ratatouille. I even dug Cars, even though a lot of people felt let down by it. Not sure why. So when you tell me that Lee Unkrich is at the helm (he directed Toy Story 2) and Papa John Lasseter is overseeing the “creative side” of the 3-Dification of the first two films, I think I feel slightly optimistic.

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