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Amano in Berlin

Alice (2007) by Yoshitaka Amano.

Ah, Amano. I love Amano’s stuff. A couple of years back, I ordered a bigass Amano calendar where it was two months to each piece of art, and they were so big we had to have them framed. I would have continued doing so but I haven’t been able to find another calendar with his art. Damn this oppression!

And it’s about the only way you can get his stuff framed since I can’t seem to find any prints of his stuff. And it makes me weep into my espresso.

Anyway, if you’re in Berlin, you’re some lucky bastards. Amano’s solo exhibition is at the Galerie Michael Janssen, January 18th through February 29th. Make sure you check it out. You can find more information at the Galerie website. The full version of the piece we’ve posted, “Alice,” can be found here.

Found via We Make Money Not Art.

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