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Octo-Man, Octo-Man, Does Whatever an… Oh, to Hell With It


Peter Parker, mild-mannered college student and bookworm, had no idea what strange and bizarre turns his life would take! One day while watching a science demonstration, he was bitten by a radioactive octopus. Exhibiting octo-like powers, he found he grew suckers on his arms. He could camouflage himself with his surroundings. He could squirt ink to confuse his attackers and obfuscate his escape. He could also detach an arm if it would help him get away–in his Silver Age incarnation, he was able to control these self-amputated limbs even though they were no longer attached.

He was disgusting, sure, but he protected New York City from such villains as Arnold Arachnius, better known as the evil metal-legged Doctor Spider…

Found at Modblog via ALBOTAS. Danke, Robert Weiss!