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Win Chaos on DVD!

Chaos DVD Cover Art

Jason Statham and Ryan Phillippe are cops going up against Wesley Snipes. There’s a heist and there’s guns. You really shouldn’t need any more information than that to know it’s got to be worth a rental, right? But if you insist, here’s what they tell us:

Jason Statham (Crank), Ryan Phillippe (Breach) and Wesley Snipes (Blade) star in Chaos, an action-packed, heist thriller about two detectives who team-up in pursuit of a bank robber who knows too much about the inner workings of the police department. In Seattle, Detective Quentin Conners (Statham) is unfairly suspended and his partner quits the force after a tragic shooting involving a hostage. When a bank heist turns into another hostage situation, Conners is called back to duty and assigned a new partner, rookie Shane Dekker (Phillippe). When the robbers, led by Lorenz (Snipes), escape the scene with no cash in hand, the detectives soon learn that a virus was planted in the bank’s computer system. The virus removes one billion dollars from various private accounts, using the principle of the Chaos Theory. Now, the race is on to find Lorenz and the rest of his crew before it’s too late.

We’ve got two copies to give away here. You know the drill…so get to it!

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