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Anyone Want Some Luggage?

Luggage from Colour of Magic up for auction

Rox writes in to let us know that the Luggage is up for auction. Not just any luggage, though. The Luggage from Sky One’s adaptation of Colour of Magic. As I write this, it’s currently at £2,150. And if you know anything about the exchange rates these days, that means it’s roughly $10,000 in US currency. But the good news is that the Pratchett Nation continues its assault against Alzheimer’s, and 100% of the purchase price goes to Alzheimer’s research. Nice.

On a side note, some of you on this side of the pond might be saying: “Colour of Magic? Sky One? Eh?” Yes, apparently. Check out the official site with the trailer. David Jason, Sean Astin, Tim Curry and Christopher Lee as the voice of Death. Wow, Christopher Lee as Death. What great casting. That airs on Easter in the UK.

As Ken says after watching the trailer, it’s possible to do a completely faithful TV adaptation of Hitchhiker’s Guide. Somebody get on that, would you?

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