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We Pause to Say Thank You

Samsung LNT4671F 46" 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV

So, let me set this up. As you know–and as we try to remind you in a gentle, non-annoying way (one of the few gentle, non-annoying things we try to do on this site)–when you make purchases from Amazon through us, we get kickbacks. We figure if you’re going to shop at Amazon anyway (and you are–if you read this site, chances are you order online a bit) we’d hope that you’d do it through us and so we get the kickback and everybody wins.

Everybody wins because while there are a few ads on the site and a few blatant reminders about our affiliations and eBay and other subtle hints about where to buy things (CLICK ME!!) there are certain things that annoy the shit out of us and we want to shy away from. Like those peel away ads that you see the corner of some sites. Feh. And those ads that pop up and suddenly you’ve got cavorting pygmies when you were trying to read an article and you have to find the miniature Close X button. I hate that crap. And ads that overlay themselves on videos. It’s like when you’re watching television and suddenly characters from another show pop up and cavort and advertise for their show, thus distracting you from the show you’re trying to watch. Does anybody think, ‘Oh, Psych, of course, seeing your cast’s tiny bodies take up the bottom quarter of my screen suddenly fills me with a desire to see you!” No. No one thinks that.

Anyway, we don’t do that shit. And we hope you appreciate that we don’t. Even though, as we’ve mentioned before, we’re trying to go pro with this so day jobs can be killed and we can give you more of this mayhem that you, for some twisted reason, seem to like.

So why am I mentioning all this and why is there a television at the top of this post? Well, that’s a Samsung LNT4671F 46″ 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV. And as I was reviewing the things bought through Amazon over the past quarter to date, it turns out somebody bought that monster through our site on Amazon. I have no idea who, but this anonymous cool frood paid for a third of that month’s server costs with that one purchase. So a big thank you to that anonymous him or her. It’s people like them that make us think that we could actually do this and we won’t have to shut the site down and spend our remaining time on this planet working for The Man instead.

But even if you’re not dropping thousands on a television, bear in mind: every little bit helps. Somebody seems to have bought books for their classroom through the site–that adds up. People buy a really amazing amount of Richard Simmons material through the site. That adds up. It all adds up. So thank you to all people with coin, large coin or small. We’re not going to turn any of it away. It’s because of you we’re going to be able to make this goddamn wacky plan of ours work. So thanks. And um…keep it up, he said, smiling and typing quietly on…