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Your Weekend Justice #4

We’re back. The sound quality is even better, although I sound like I’m coming across a CB. Con-voy! Anyway.


Here’s the agenda:

  • Television and a British invasion
  • Our obligatory hating on Torchwood
  • Desks
  • Rob vs. K-Tel
  • New Kids on the Block return
  • Desks
  • A Boy and His Desk
  • The Davros of Desks
  • Victorian House Music
  • Desks
  • Timegate Doctor Who Music Panel
  • Desks

As always, special thanks go out to Clutch for letting us use their absolutely badass song, “Promoter (of earthbound causes)” as our theme music for this.

Buy Blast Tyrant, which is where you can find “Promoter”. Buy their latest album, Strange Cousins from the West. Send them love and coin.

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Tuffley’s Picks:

The Black Keys: Attack and Release CD cover art
Super Smash Bros Brawl cover art

Tuffley’s Desk:



Rob’s Picks:

Fugazi: Furniture CD cover art
Jefferson Starship: Nuclear Furniture CD cover art
Clinic: Do It CD cover art
Billy Bragg: Mr. Love & Justice CD cover art
MGMT: Oracular Spectacular CD cover art
Doctor Who Series 3 soundtrack CD cover art

Mikael desk from Ikea

Widge’s Picks:

The Tipping Point audiobook cover art
Blink audiobook cover art

Alve desk from Ikea

Ken’s Pick:

Gidea table from Ikea