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Upgraded to WordPress 2.5; Not Entirely Happy About It

Okay, so I made the leap in order to try and figure out a problem I’ve been having with the site. The problem with the image uploads? If you have more than one tab open in Firefox, you’re greeted with a blank white panel when you try to add images to the post. If you’re in the only tab open, it works fine. No idea what that’s about.

Also, the good news is that the site doesn’t appear to be any slower. It’s not any faster, either, but at least it’s not slower. The admin panels are significantly slower. Slower like back when I was still on shared hosting. And upon reflection, I must concur with so many others that the Write pages suck dead goat testicles. Luckily, Persistent Illusion has posted an admin hack that will enable you to reswizzle the Write page. Without this hack, everything was taking up half my screen and very vertical; it involved a lot of scrolling. Not…quite sure why anybody thought that was a good idea.

Still working on the slowness issue. Will report back with what I find.