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The Scents Of An Age Of Steam That Does Not Exist

BPAL Steamworks

You have to attend the Industrial Radical Party fund raiser tonight but you’d been in the workshop all day. You reek of hydraulic fluid and solder from constructing the riot automata in time for the Royal Ascot horse race. All those toffs in one place are begging for a bit of the old ultraviolence. And that is nothing to compare to Victor’s odor with his experiments with electrical fluid and… body parts. What is a young steampunk to do to cover those malodorous vapors?

The Phoenix Steamworks is the answer. The newest division of the venerable Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, their perfumers create fragrances that evoke an Age of Steam where analytical engines hum in calculation, metal automata mimic God’s creations, and mad scientists run headlong to new and dangerous knowledge. Whether you want the opaque haziness of Ether or the dark heaviness of Smokestack, you are sure to get appreciative smiles when you reach for that glass of absinthe.


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