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What’s Good For the Supergoose…

At the recent New York Comic Con, DC Comics had a promotional poster for the women of DC Universe called “The Real Power of the DC Universe”. Drawn by artist Adam Hughes, this is done in a similar style to group fashion shots you would see in Vanity Fair or Harper’s Bazaar.

The roster from left to right (click the pic for the full version): Catwoman, Oracle, Zatanna, Black Canary, Power Girl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batwoman, Vixen, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn. Of course, there have been some complaints. For instance, there are no female Legionaries, no Big Barda, and no Lois Lane.

The biggest complaint, though, has been ‘Where are the boys of the DCU’? Fair’s fair, I think plenty of comics fans would like to see some super beefcake.


Boys of the DCU

Well, Johanna Carlson of Comics Worth Reading has taken matters into her own hands. She has started a contest for artists to make a Men of the DCU poster and the winner will receive a cash prize. So far, she has only gotten one entry.

However, it’s actually quite clever. David Oakes make his superhunks out of hunks of Legos. His caption, “The Real Boy Toys of the DC Universe”, reflects the tongue-in-cheek approach he took. And that is all well and good. However, I’m hoping that Johanna gets some sexier entries. And I for one, can’t wait to see them.

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