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Colors Are Overrated Digest #1

DOS Pillow
  • When accessing your dreams needs to be done via command line: the Dosugus cushion. Found via Craftzine.
  • “Behold yon ebony pig, bearing a giant coaster upon its back!” Found via Cribcandy.
  • Black toothpaste? Is it possible to go too far? As long as it doesn’t taste like licorice, then no.
  • Black mongo keyboard in the form of the 7G gaming keyboard. Also, the SteelSeries Ikari mouse. SteelSeries Ikari, I swear to God, is an anime series.
  • And lastly, this shirt is the perfect blend of the graphically nerdish and the fashion conscious. Found via Boing Boing.
  • Know of something? Is it cool? Is it black? Then it’s perfect. Ping me at widgett at need coffee dot com.