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Iron Design Work

Iron Man by Adi Granov

Iron Man, which made us all believe that a millionaire genius playboy could come back from near death, grow a conscience and build a badass suit of armor, is the #1 film in the country for the second weekend running. Robert Downey Jr. manages to do what all of the Marvel Comics creative staff couldn’t manage: remind us that Tony Stark is supposed to be a likeable asshole, as opposed to just an asshole.

Hear that, Marvel? $342 million worldwide take means the likeable asshole wins.

Anyway, part of what makes the film kick so much ass is how cool the gear is. Adi Granov, who worked with Uncle Warren with his run on the character, has posted some of his concept work for the film. Phil Saunders has done the same with his stuff.

Found via Comics2Film. For more Adi Granov, knock yourself out. For more Phil Saunders, here ya go.

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