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Still Having Image Upload Problems in 2.5.1?

Yeah, me too. Here’s what I’ve found–and I’m not sure why this is–but if I’m in Firefox trying to use the flash uploader to upload images and I’m not in the tabbed browser all the way to the left of the screen (i.e. the first one), then it will whiteout on me (as mentioned previously). However if I try the same thing in a fresh browser window or I close all the other tabs to the left of where I am, then I’m fine.

Again, I’m not sure why this is, but it happens to me on both the latest stable Firefox build and the 3.0 RC1 build. And the reason I previously said this was happening intermittently is I would intermittently be in the right tab (or the left tab…you know what I mean) for it to work.

If anybody has any other ideas, let me know.