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Headsup: Pixar Two-Disc Editions For $13

John Lasseter from A Bug's Life

Just stumbled across this, thanks to The Bargainist: Pixar two-disc editions are on sale on Amazon for $13 each. That’s Finding Nemo, Bug’s Life, Incredibles and Monsters Inc..

Now, the 10th Anniversary Toy Story 1 and the two-disc Toy Story 2 are included, but if you really want to buy Toy Story then I would say go for the Ultimate Toy Box edition, which is being sold by other sellers on Amazon, though out of print, for as low as $20. It is sweet.

Further now: you might be asking, “Widge, do I really want to spend $20 (used, $23 new) for an Ultimate Toy Box set when eventually I’m going to get an Ultimate Ultimate Toy Box Set after Toy Story 3 hits?” And you might be wise in asking that. I would say if you’re a Pixar fiend (like me) it’s worth it. Besides, bear in mind a new ubermongo set for the trilogy won’t be out until probably 2011, since we’ve got the theatrical release, then the initial release on DVD, THEN the ubermongo. So I figure $20 between here and 2011? And the fact that Dixar may not have the sense by then to include all the original Toy Box bonus bits? I would play it safe.

Anyway, since so many people seemed to take advantage of the Python sale, we thought we’d pass this along. Sale is here.