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Coffee… On a Stick!

YumSugar's Coffee on a Stick!

If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, you can ignore this (or just file it away for later), but here at the Technocave, it’s really warm outside. When it’s too hot to think about nice hot coffee outside, what are your options? You could have iced coffee, but then it just gets diluted after a while. You could go for a Frappucino thing if you wanted to pay out the nose for something that tastes like sugary ice at the bottom. But there is now a wonderful third option.

YumSugar has the answer to the coffee-in-the-summer dilemma which affects us all. She’s been concocting Vietnamese-style coffee popsicles— yummy coffee on a stick! The Vietnamese-style consists of blending espresso with sweetened condensed milk (which we usually refer to as Thai coffee here) and looks fabulously rich and cool on a warm day. She’s posted the recipe on her site here— enjoy!

Thanks to Craftzine for the headsup.


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