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Skynet Watch: Robo-Jellyfish

Okay, so the signs are all coming together: Skynet will be among us any day now. And not content to rule the land, robots will soon be swarming the oceans. How do we know? Because they always start off so cute and cool…like in toys.

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Those are lifelike robotic jellyfish that are made by Sony. I did look around for them on sale in the U.S. and I don’t think anyone has them yet. If somebody knows something to the contrary, please let me know and I’ll post it here.

Found at C00l Stuff via Dark Roasted Blend.

Now if you aren’t content with jellyfish that mimic life and you figure, hey, if we’re going for robots I want to see robots…I got something for you after the break.
Festo, a company out of Germany, has made AquaJelly, a robot jellyfish.

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You can see the full video on the Festo website.

Now you might say to yourself: self, we’ll just stay out of the water. Robotic jellyfish are built for the water, so if we stay at home on dry land, we’re fine! Wrong!

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Robotic flying jellyfish! They float like tentacled mini-zeppelins of doom. How screwed are we, huh? Make peace with your gods.