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Ministry Bulletin: News Quickies

There’s a lot of sexy content floating about. I got these little news items and reviews and I didn’t want to try to fill out whole posts on them. So I figured I’d make one big thick post. Just think of it as little nibbles to your favorite area.

Sharon Stone and William Baldwin from Sliver

You’d think with professional actors, high quality filming equipment, and experienced directors, you can get some seriously hot and erotic action going on screen. Turns out, not so much. IFC profiles the most calamitous of celluloid coitus in its 50 Worst Sex Scenes in Cinema. From the ‘turkey time’ of Gigli (#27) to the so-called erotic thrills of Sliver (#37), reading this list will send you running to the nearest porn emporium.

And for those you are visually impaired, some help for you to find some. Since we’ve already covered porn for the deaf, it seems only fair that we feature this story from Wired on porn for the blind. So help out Porn for the Blind and get the wonderful warm feeling of knowing a blind stranger is masturbating to your voice.
Here’s something from our Gal Researcher Cosette found on NPR. It seems that some lawmakers in California want to tax porn. Not a bad idea, porn is a multi-billion dollar industry and California is seriously in need of cash. But they want to slap a 25% tax on every video and then take another 25% from the profits of the studio producing it. I’m sorry, but this isn’t about budgetary issues, this is about using legislative jujitsu to punish what some poeple think is naughty. Shame on you, Democratic Assemblyman Charles Calderon. Don’t you know the Democratic Party is all about the sexy? I mean, you ever heard about getting a hot piece of elephant?

And finally, this verges on NSFW but it’s so… chocolaty … wrong… (Widge’s comment: “verges“?)

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