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The F Word Drinking Game

Gordon Ramsay with wine

We watch a lot of British telly over here in the Technocave, and one of our favorite (or favourite) programs is Gordon Ramsay‘s The F Word. Not only is it good entertainment, but you can make the recipes that are prepared on the show, some of which we’ve found to be pretty good. However, with any series that has a Personality hosting, there are things about that person that you start to notice show after show. Gordon Ramsay’s mannerisms and favorite ingredients have inspired us to create– what else?– a drinking game out of the show.

Pick your beverage of choice and an episode of The F Word and let’s get started!

Please notice: play this game with all the rules at your peril. Your liver may very well leap up through your torso and neck and throttle your brain. Again: play at your own risk.

[ad#rightpost]First off, everyone playing must guess how many guests they think will pay for each course. Closest one without going over gets to not drink. Everyone who goes over must drink twice. If anyone nails it, somebody buys them a drink.

One sip if:

  • Gordon uses any foul language except the F word (we don’t want you to have to be rushed to hospital for alcohol poisoning!). Yes, “bollocks” does count. Because it’s fun to say.
  • Gordon uses shallots or star anise in a dish he’s cooking. Three if both are in the same dish.
  • A pan catches fire (deliberately or otherwise).
  • Gordon smacks the back of his hand against the palm of the other one.
  • Gordon bounces up and down like a three-year old. Three sips if he smacks his hand while bouncing.
  • Someone burns something. Two sips if you see it go into the bin.
  • Anyone is referred to as “mate.”
  • Gordon remarks on Janet Street-Porter’s age.
  • If Gordon has someone else eat something that he won’t or Gordon spits it out when he can’t handle it.
  • If Gordon shows something to his children that you might refrain from showing your own children.
  • Two sips if:

  • He kills something in the process of preparing to cook it (ramming a knife through a lobster, shooting birds, etc.)
  • Janet Street-Porter gets him to eat something.
  • If, in the process of raising his own animals for food, you see him have a moment of attachment to the animals. (Or for later series, substitute Janet for Gordon)
  • Also:

  • If you’ve ever cooked what Gordon is cooking and no one else in your group has then they all have to drink.
  • Finish your drink if Gordon loses a recipe challenge. Or injures himself.
  • If Gordon unintentionally breaks something, then everyone chugs.
  • Thanks to Ken for his help in getting you drunk.

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