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All Hail The Mickee Faust Club

Mickee Faust with cigar

Who is this strange creature, you ask? This is Mickee Faust, a foul-mouth, bastard sewer rat who says he is the illegitimate brother of that better known, better groomed cartoon creation. You-Know-Who and Mickee (that’s two Es so we don’t get sued) are rather like Superman and Bizarro. But Mickee doesn’t talk in opposites and have ice vision. Mickee delights in the savaging of social mores, the slapping around of the self-important, and the breaking of sexual taboos.

The last part led me to investigate. In my official capacity as Minister of Naughty Bits, of course. This video illustrates the group’s past and future.

But the video does not show the powerful charm and will of Mickee Faust. He makes you do things. I should have know something was up when he almost got my grandmother to be a tap-dancing tampon. But by then, it was too late. [Cue ominous music]

I have, on stage in front of an audience

  • worn a squirting dildo and shot one of my best friends with the device
  • run around in adult diapers with a hand puppet of the UGA mascot
  • been dry humped by a lesbian

and then there’s this

See what I mean. See what I’ve been forced to do.

Well…. not exactly forced

OK, I’m an attention whore. Sue me.