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And the Lucky Winners Are…

21 Leaf Clover from Japan

New lucky winners, fresh from the oven. Please–these are hot plates, so don’t burn yourselves.

The Halo 3 Figures go to Diann McLean of Texas.

The Sinatra 2-disc DVD: Nikki Evans of Ohio

Copies of Bill Engvall Season 1 are going out Will Shannon of Kansas, Edward Valente of Massachusetts, and Athena Da Rosa of Ontario. Athena, you also win the Kickass Name of the Week Award…sorry, no additional prizes for that. Just our undying devotion.

Jimmy Buffett’s Swine Not? will soon sit on the shelves of Burt Neblo of South Carolina, Mildred Bromberg of New York, and Claudia Hubka of Tennessee.

Strange Wilderness is going to the moderately strange homes of James Ellard of Georgia, Megan McGaughey of Illinois, and Carol Lawrence of Pennsylvania. As a bonus, one random person among you will win the scary hairy sleeve that one copy of the movie came in. It’s like the Cousin It of DVDs.

The Sinatra at the Movies CD is for Marilyn Wons of Florida.

And lastly, Galaxy Rangers Vol. 1 will be launched towards Olivia Drummond of Colorado, Jeffrey Kuebler of Kentucky, Denyse Gerges of Florida, Catherine Lindley of British Columbia, and Brian Keck of Florida.

Congrats, you mad legion of winners! Well done! Your swag will be shot your way shortly, so stay tuned.

And if you didn’t win, don’t give up! Keep entering! There’s always something cool to try and win! And subscribe to our feed so you never miss a contest as well. That way, when we launch a contest at any random hour of the day or night or both, you can see and react with ninja-like swiftness. Huzzah!