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Stuff You Need to Know: Marvel Apes. No, Seriously.

Marvel Apes

  • Amazon has a DVD sale for “Blockbuster and Indie” items. Find the sale here. The only title in there that I think is a must-own is Garden State for $8, but there’s 71 of them, so browse away. Found via Dealhack.
  • Ancient Squid Media. I don’t know anything about them other than I saw them in the latest Previews. And their choice of name is stellar. So I just wanted to share.
  • It looks like Marvel has finally wound down their zombie variant covers. And it’s about time. Don’t get me wrong: I dig zombies. And I dig Arthur Suydam. But when you start grasping at straws for what covers to parody, it’s time to pack it in. So. I’m glad that’s behind us.

    Marvel Apes? Are you kidding? Since when did Jonathan Coulton become editor at Marvel? Anyway, how long before they have zombie monkey variants? Anyone placing bets?


  • Quentin Tarantino wants to remake Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! with Tera Patrick as one of the leads. Tera Patrick, an erotic performer. Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that Russ Meyer would have approved?

  • John Woo‘s next film, the English title of which is Red Cliff, is a four hour epic set in 3rd Century CE China. I’ve posted the footage from Cannes below. While this might look big and epic–and while you might really, really want a fire whip (Siege probably has three already)–I just hope this is more compelling than the film makes it out to be. Granted, the battles look amazing, but I’m probably just jaded after Woo’s most recent works. I haven’t really been happy with a Woo movie since Face/Off. And wasn’t Windtalkers supposed to be an epic? I’m just saying. We get the movie trimmed to two and a half hours next January. It’s hitting China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea this coming Thursday.
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