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High Moon: The Ending. Kinda.

High Moon: Holy Hell in Heaven

We’ve talked about High Moon before. Well, it just ended. Maybe. The final pages are up and the story is told. Mostly.

If you haven’t checked out the story, then you should. I like it because it’s deceptively straightforward. You read the first installation and say, “Yeah, okay, I see where this is going.” And it involves werewolves and very large revolvers, so you don’t mind that. But as the story progresses it goes somewhere else, then goes three blocks west of there–and it’s good. I’m almost sorry it’s over in sixty pages, to be honest. I felt it might have could have been pulled out a bit longer in places.

But–as a couple of panels reveal, there are other stories. And I keep saying maybe and kinda and sorta about the ending because I’m thinking sequel or prequel or who knows what. Gallaher and Ellis have set the stage for the Highmooniverse and I think we need to go back there again soon. With even more guns.

Read it here.

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