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Toscano of the Living Dead

Toscano Zombie

Okay, so everybody keeps sending me this zombie, which apparently is for sale at Toscano. Toscano is my second-favorite catalog after Hammacher Schlemmer. Because 99% of the stuff in there is just so over the top. I will say that I will make heavy use of them when I finally get my Safari Room.

Anyway, while I appreciate the concept of a lawn zombie, apart from the grey complexion of this individual, there’s nothing particularly zombie about him. He could just as well have been a guy living in a black and white subterranean world who just clawed his way to the surface and is freaked to find that either the world above is in color or that Legend Films got a hold of his home.

Granted, “zombie” is a much simpler, Occam-friendly solution. But I dunno, he looks a lot like me when I greet the Dayball on those rare occasions I leave the Technocave. Maybe I’m too close to this.

Found via Boing Boing and the many people who sent it over.