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Jerry Bruckheimer to Remake “12 Monkeys”

Large Hadron Collider at CERN

Kidding! I’m kidding–put the gun down.

It’s just I can’t help but think that we’re going to hear–over the next five to ten years–art and set designers on their various sci-fi movie commentaries talking about how they were inspired by the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Some of you might be wondering: what is a hadron and why are people going to be throwing big ones against each other? And some of you might be silly. A hadron is what happens when you once were in possession of a ron, but you no longer have ron–of course.

This LHC is going to smack some particles together to try and recreate the conditions of the Big Bang, which is either going to be bloody brilliant or it’s going to create a false vacuum which will destroy our universe in the time it takes me to down two espresso shots. Which is a lot less time than you might think. I’ve heard about this thing for months and months now because any time they get any scientist in any field on Coast to Coast AM, they always ask: “So, CERN: is it going to fuck us up or what?” That’s paraphrased.

Anyway, io9 points us to this gallery of pics at The Boston Globe. Worth checking out.