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Shopping For a New Table

So we’ve been looking around for a snazzy new table to have in the TechnoCave’s attached compound’s library. Here’s some stuff that we’ve found.

Used to be that a SunTable was something you sacrificed someone to the sun god of your choice on. But that was a more enlightened age. These days they won’t let you sacrifice somebody to a sun god unless that god has a permit and is properly taxed. Total pain in the ass. However–today the SunTable can still be a good thing. Check out this:


How brilliant is that? Instead of dealing with the Dayball, push this thing outside let it soak up some battery juice, drag it back inside after the sun goes down, work on your laptop with it! Excellent! And when you get pissed off that your Windows Goddamn Vista has decided that your copy isn’t legitimate even though it is and helpfully tries to lock you out of your own goddamn computer, you can switch into Vista Mode:

SunTable in Vista mode

$2200. Spring-loading it so your laptop gains air is extra. Found via Cribcandy. More after the break.


Also, check this out: the Fletcher Capstan table. This probably costs the equivalent of my left kidney, but it’s just so cool.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Two things occur to me when watching this. One, that Jackie Chan should use one of these in a fight scene if he hasn’t already. Two, that the reason the guy repeats the motion over and over again in the video is because the table is hooked up to the ship’s engine and this is how you prep the engine to get started. Again–energy conservation.

Then we’ve got this LED interactive coffee table.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

You know–and maybe they already have this–the folks at Evil Mad Scientist Labs are smart cookies. I want an LED interactive coffee table that serves your coffee needs. You set down a mug of coffee and it glows underneath your mug brighter the warmer it is. So because the glow fades out gradually, you get a visual reminder that hey, I might want to drink that before it goes cold. Or, if your coffee is iced, same thing, but maybe glowing a different color. See? Coffee conservation.