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Threadless Brings You Vampire vs. Dayball

Threadless Vampire T-shirt

I remember seeing this somewhere in its concept form–and I honestly can’t remember where–but I thought it was a brilliant idea. It starts off with a normal vampire. In the dark, his eyes and teeth glow. And in direct sunlight, he burns–showing here. Veins pop out on his face and he catches fire thanks to some special UV ink. You can snag your own here. This is badass, especially when you consider that Threadless is having a $12 sale. This week only. Which means you want to move with a swiftness before everything gets sold out.

And this is one of those weeks where they have a lot of great shirts for sale. From animated morbid whimsy to a breakdancing messiah to zombie goodness to a fantasy free-for-all to mecha-fables.

So, seriously: remember, Christmas is coming. If you want to snag a shirt, now’s your chance. Or if Santa wants to bring you something early. Whatever works.