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Supermarket Karaoke: A New Game Show

Shopping cart

I’ve found myself doing something a little strange lately, and I must admit, its improving the quality of my grocery shopping. I park in the parking lot, hit the Starbucks next door and arm myself with a latte containing lots of caffeine, grab a cart, buckle my purse in, and away I go!

It happens as soon as I aim my cart toward the produce aisle. The music piping in from the overhead speakers permeates my brain, which blurts out, “Hey, I know this song!” Brain communicates with mouth and soon I am singing along. By the time I hit the cereal aisle, I’ve crooned two and a half songs. (The other half of a song was ruined by announcements about fresh bread and a deli special.) On that song, I kept singing and as soon as the announcement finished, the song resumed at the precise point where I was. The more comfortable I became, the louder I sang. I even broke into harmony on several songs.

[ad#longpost]As I unpacked the groceries at home, an idea struck me. This would be a great game show! We’d call it Supermarket Karaoke. Contestants would win free products for every song they sang correctly. Extra points (or products) for those brave enough to harmonize. I think David Lee Roth would be a great host for this show. He’s already shot one music video inside a small grocery store. I can’t remember the name of the song but the video is very stark in my brain.

I was shopping the other day when that song, “What if God Was One of Us,” came on. I started singing along enthusiastically, when something odd happened. As I finished one line, another voice joined in! We sang in unison until the chorus, when I broke off into a harmony. As the chorus ended, I rounded the corner and came face to face with my duet partner, another middle-aged mom like me. We finished the song, gave each other a high-five and moved on.

Hmm. David Lee Roth, where are you?