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RIP: Bill Melendez

Bill Melendez

Bill Melendez is an animator who everybody knows: he was responsible for bringing us the animated version of Charles Schulz’ Peanuts. Here’s Steven Fischer, creator of Steve and Bluey, talking about Melendez’ influence on him–and I think he speaks even for us non-animators about the wonders of seeing these great comic strip characters put into motion.

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And here’s an interview from the same program with some rough, uncut interview bits with the main himself:

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And here’s a bit from A Charlie Brown Christmas, the first animated prime time Peanuts special:

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And my favorite, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!, which includes the best animated Peanuts line ever, in my opinion: “Are you sure it’s legal?”

Update: That bit has been taken down, sadly.

Bill passed away of natural causes this past Tuesday at age 91 after a long career of making kids of all ages happy through animation. Thanks for everything, Bill.