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Support the Miskatonic Valley Junior Baseball Association

Dunwich Whippoorwills

Those twisted geniuses at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab have done it again, drawing me in with two of my greatest weaknesses in a one-two punch (or pseudopod slap, either way): Lovecraft and black t-shirts. So I just ordered my Miskatonic Valley Junior Baseball Association 2008 Pancake Breakfast and Summoning Volunteer t-shirt. How could I refuse?

But if you want to show your support for any of their teams–the Innsmouth Guppies, for instance, or the Dunwich Whippoorwills (pictured)–you can snag a shirt or even a pennant. If that’s not enough they even have “I am the Proud Parent of a…” stickers. And if you just want to smell like you support the association, they have two scents for the 2008 season. Nice.

Find the full array here. Tell them we said hi.