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Wacked Out Monstrous Taxidermy in Spain

Vampire bat spider

The Lara Museum is located in Ronda, Spain. It looks like the kind of place that would have Curious Expeditions (one of my favorite sites for whacked out locales) in there in a heartbeat, but searching their site gives me nothing. Knowing them, it’s on the list. Anyway, this place has Inquisitional torture devices, weaponry and a series of incredible taxidermy mashups. Included among them is the above “vampire-bat-spider.” Please don’t show this to Dindrane. She will attempt to leave the planet again and that’s never a good thing.

To check out pics from the place, there are two Flickr setups here and here. The official site for the Museum (in Spanish) is here.

All of this madness found at Monster Brains.