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Winners! Come And Get Em!

Winner of a Husband Calling Contest

Our Avatar winner is Heather Ross of South Carolina.

The City of Men copies go out to Jason Bridges of Louisiana, Tommy Geisler of Oregon, Denise Sachs of Colorado, Elizabeth Vidal of Ontario, Paul Keyser of Florida.

The Caroline in the City Season 1 copies got snagged by Howard Dutton of Colorado, Sara Geisler of Ohio, Venice Campbell of Pennsylvania, Richard Hicks of North Carolina, Kathleen Bergeron of California.

Our Rick Wakeman winners are Patricia Ash of Alaska, Joe Warren of Texas.

The Elvis 68 got picked up by Diana O’Beirne of Illinois.

Just Add Water got added to the collections of Stefan Romanski of New York, Steven Kotty of Illinois, Dora Meredith of Michigan.

And our Dexter Season 2 winners are Paul Jankovic of Nebraska, Mandy Lim of Virginia, Kevin Doyle of Saskatchewan.

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