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32 Days of Halloween II, Day 6: Boris and the Monster Mash

Boris Karloff

This is a bit of weird thing for me, because when I was a lad, sometime around the year 1621, I thought the “Monster Mash” was sung by Boris Karloff. And then I found out it was actually by Bobby Pickett. And now to learn that Boris performed it on a Halloween special? Wild. Sadly, there’s apparently no known extant video of that performance–but this guy snagged it on a reel to reel. For you kids out there, just imagine a cassette tape but blown up real big.

What’s a cassette tape, you ask? Look, go to hell, okay?

BTW, Rox led us to this. This video, I mean, not you kids going to hell.

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Yes, that bit at the end is “The Lurch,” which we posted here. And if you want more of Boris singing, you can check out him doing “Chim Chim Cheree” here. Or you can go below the jump for more.

This is freaking sublime right here: this is Boris replacing Dinah Shore as the host of the Chevy Show. And yes, that’s Art Carney introducing him. And then later on beating a skull.

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