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32 Days of Halloween II, Day 9: The Other Side of Romero


You know, everybody knows Romero for being Papa Zombie, but he’s made other movies that didn’t even have the shambling dead in them. For example, The Crazies–which is being remade!

How crazy do you have to be to remake The Crazies? It’s a kindler, gentler 28 Days Later. If all you’ve seen is Romero’s zombie films, his other flicks, like this one, are worth a watch. It’s…well, see for yourself.

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Breck Eisner (Sahara) is helming the remake. Ray Wright, who co-wrote the wretched Pulse, is co-scribing with Scott Kosar (The Amityville Horror remake). Romero himself is on board as executive producer. If this cuts him a check so he can make more movies, then I’m fine with it. Cameras start rolling early next year. Source: Variety.

My favorite non-zed Romero, though, is Martin…probably the weirdest good vampire flick ever.

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P.S. Last year at this time, we had the trailers for Demons and Demons 2.

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