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32 Days of Halloween II, Day 28: Vincent Price

Vincent Price

Since Vincent Price did a number of commercials–and because anything Price does is gold–I thought we’d throw some together for today’s entry. First up: please note, this does not replace normal maintenance.

A very strange one where Price looks, especially with this level of video quality, a bit like Leslie Nielsen in Dead and Loving It:

And another with not just Vincent Price, but Mrs. Vincent Price, Coral Browne.

Update: Hey, it’s back!

Sorry about the bad quality of this one, but the person who recorded this obviously didn’t use the Polaroid VHS head cleaner advertised above. Update! This new version looks fantastic! (I bet these books were pretty choice as well.)

No one better to put on the cover of the Milton Bradley Hangman game box than Vincent. And of course, having him in the commercial is good too.

And another game commercial, for Stay Alive, also from Milton Bradley:

And finally, here’s a bit of Vincent on The Muppet Show. Not a commercial, but I had to include it. I love his reaction at the end.

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