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32 Days of Halloween II, Day 31: Sequel-Palooza!

Revenge of the Creature

That’s right…the crazed sequels! You think studios these days want to make a quick buck? Back in the day they were some quick bucks.

Okay, so…you thought Jason X was wacky…in 1942’s Invisible Agent, the grandson of the original Invisible Man, takes on the Axis! Well? Wouldn’t you?

And here’s She-Wolf of London, which has absolutely nothing to do with the original Wolf Man, except that it involves werewolves and was made at Universal. Hey, does that star June Lockhart from Lost in Space? Why yes. Yes, it does.

And yes, the sequel to Dracula: Dracula’s Daughter!

And yes, Revenge of the Creature, as the Gill Man is back to kick a little ass:

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