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Python vs. YouTube: If You Can’t Beat Em, Slap Em With a Fish

Terry Gilliam

In the sort of smart move that we could only attribute to some of the funniest men in on the planet, Monty Python has launched its own YouTube channel and will be replacing “crap quality videos” with high quality ones. All they ask in return is that you buy their stuff.

Direct link for the feedreaders.
I know everyone’s going to be posting this, and we’re jumping on that bandwagon for two reasons. One, because it’s Python. And we have a history of “ripping off” Python, as the video puts it. But two, because it’s smart. It’s the only reaction that makes sense–and one that we’ve been doing for a long time. Don’t be a dick, just ask people to support you–and most times they will. I have a feeling that this will work much better for the Pythoners than it does for us because they’re much funnier and they have a larger audience. Granted, we have more ninjas than they do, according to our own intelligence agency. But still.

Anyway, we must all come together in support of smart things that aren’t dickish.

In that spirit, we would say the number one Python DVD that we all must own–by law, I believe–is Holy Grail. And the number one Python-related DVD I have always said everyone needs to own: Brazil.

And because I can, another–from my own personal favorite Python film:

Direct link for the feedreaders.

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