What would happen if you took every Harlequin-level romance novel that exists in the fantasy genre and fed it through a wood chipper aimed directly at the Hallmark Channel? The end result of your efforts would probably look a lot like "Shine On Me," the music video from Chris Dane Owens.

Now before you watch this--I know my readers--the inclination will be to mock this. Because it's so unabashedly, well, mockable. But I put to you the following two things to bear in mind:

1. The production values are quite good.

2. It's still better than the Dungeons and Dragons movie.

I leave you now with these two things:

1. Request: someone please do a "literal" version of this video. Please. (Example here.)

2. Chris Dane Owens is the anti-matter twin of Doc Hammer. Discuss.

Direct link for the feedreaders. Sent over by Paul.