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Chris Dane Owens and the Shiny Crusade

What would happen if you took every Harlequin-level romance novel that exists in the fantasy genre and fed it through a wood chipper aimed directly at the Hallmark Channel? The end result of your efforts would probably look a lot like “Shine On Me,” the music video from Chris Dane Owens.

Now before you watch this–I know my readers–the inclination will be to mock this. Because it’s so unabashedly, well, mockable. But I put to you the following two things to bear in mind:

1. The production values are quite good.

2. It’s still better than the Dungeons and Dragons movie.

I leave you now with these two things:

1. Request: someone please do a “literal” version of this video. Please. (Example here.)

2. Chris Dane Owens is the anti-matter twin of Doc Hammer. Discuss.

Direct link for the feedreaders. Sent over by Paul.