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Dear John Lasseter — Re: Disney Shorts

Mickey Mouse Be Mine Boxers

Dear John. I know, my alter ego gets Dear John letters all the time. It’s just our cross to bear, isn’t it?

And now that I’ve bonded us over our very common name, I must say that while I was right to be apprehensive about the Dixar merge–things so far have worked out well. But I’d like to point you back to our list of suggestions for you…and I know you’re probably hard at work on all of them, but:

“Presto,” the short that played in front of WALL-E, was genius. (Was reminded of this while watching the DVD.) And that reminded me: when are we going to see shorts in front of all Disney films? Where was the short in front of Bolt?

I mean, you’ve got this huge stable of beloved characters you can draw upon. And people had said that Mickey Mouse was boring, for example. Below we see what happens when you put Mickey in the hands of some utterly mental animators.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

I know you’re probably knee deep in it already. Just remember that we’re all behind you. And I mean that in the supportive rather than the stalkerish sense.

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