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The Statement of Randolph Carter

Snippet of Michael Whelan's Lovecraft art

Okay, so. Why some Lovecraft audio this close to Xmas? Well, of course, Lovecraft is the gift that keeps on giving, first of all. Second of all, I am an audiobook junkie. I also dig old time radio theatre. And around Halloweenish time I downloaded a bunch of different Lovecraft bits, including a reading of “The Statement of Randolph Carter,” which I finally got around to listening to a couple of weeks back.

It was utterly abysmal. I mean seriously rank. Ranker than what comes up out of the ground when our heroes first open the sepulchre. So bad that I immediately turned around and recorded my own. I’ve been editing it in my own crude way up until now. And here you have it.

Now I’m not saying that my reading is amazing or astounding or even tolerable. But it’s better than what I heard that day, which is all I was aiming for.

Please note: audio levels vary because there are moments of outright screaming. Merry Xmas.

Direct download.


Image snippet taken from the mighty Michael Whelan.

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