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Additional Christmas Linkification

Silent Night, Deadly Night

  • First up, Distinctly Jamaican Sounds has got their reggae Christmas mixes for both this year and last year up here with a full description of what’s in store for you.
  • Then, Paul’s Ramblings has pulled links from the Internet Archive so you don’t have to: he’s got a bunch of Christmas tunes from some serious old school wax–the most recent recording is from 1939. Find that here.
  • Monster Memories has posted the entirety of DC’s Elvira’s Haunted Holidays Special from 1986.
  • Classic Television Showbiz has gone ballistic, throwing out great Christmas bits left and right.
  • It’s the Yule Squid! Found via Squid, natch.
  • Again With the Comics has got an array of goodies under the tree for you…
  • As does Kindertrauma.
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