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Stuff You Need to Know: Watchmen to Get Settled


  • Fox and Warner Brothers are in talks to settle the whole Watchmen mess. I told you everything was going to be fine. It’s not in either party’s best interest to let the movie get delayed. Can everybody just calm down now?
  • Shanghai Disneyland is moving forward–a bit, anyway. Disney has submitted their plans to the local government. “No deal has been signed, no project has been approved,” they say, just to keep people’s mania under control. And to keep Dana Snyder from submitting requests to be a consultant. I have to say this, though: how cool would it be to ride the Shanghai version of Pirates of the Caribbean?
  • EW is reporting that Faye Dunaway is going to guest star as a doctor on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy next month.
  • Oh hell. Patrick Swayze is in the hospital for pneumonia, most likely due to the chemo. I know that Swayze will tear out the throat of the pneumonia the first chance he gets. And have a great pissed off face while he does it.
  • Matthew Modine, who I know has done lots of stuff since–but I just can’t forget that he was the guy who got his ass kicked by Mr. Mom in Pacific Heights, will star as Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird in Hartford. It runs from February 12th to April 4th. Also of note: Hallie Foote, daughter of Horton, who wrote the Oscar-winning screenplay that became the movie which Gregory Peck starred in…she’s in the production too.

  • Transporter 3 is hitting DVD and Blu-Ray on March 10th from Lionsgate. No pre-order yet, I’ll keep you posted.
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