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Samurai Sushi From Threadless

Samurai Sushi from Threadless

Another update from Threadless, another barrage of cool stuff. Although the standout this week is from Chow Hon Lam, “Samurai Sushi.” As you can see, it’s pretty badass–and it’s on a white tee, so that actually means a lot coming from me. What’s more, it has the seal of approval from Doc Ezra, our in-house Keeper of the Fu.

I’d also point out that there have been some other tees I neglected to call to your attention, such as “Contraband,” which thanks to glow-in-the-dark ink is probably not something you want to wear near a TSA agent. If they don’t like even a picture of a gun, then they’ll hate the hell out of this one. Enjoy.

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