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Threadless Update: Girly Tees on Sale for Valentine’s Day

Serious Mammoth

It’s like Snuffleupagus’ older brother is getting ready to kick your ass, isn’t it? I just love the seriousness. Coupled with the tiny hat. It’s “Woolly Woolly” by Edward Pincombe from Threadless’ latest array of new tees.

That’s not the only reason I wanted to give you the headsup: Threadless is doing that sale thing again. This time, because Valentine’s Day is hurtling towards us like a thing that is hurtling very fast indeed, they’ve got girly tees starting at $9. Which is sexual discrimination, but fine. Some of the perennials are at the $9 level like What Would Macgyver Do?, Stabby McKnife, and one that is near and dear to our hearts around here: Best Mime Ever.

As always, Threadless sales blow their inventory out of the water. So get up on it.